Oaxaca Wedding Photographer

Oaxaca Wedding Photos
Oaxaca Wedding Photos

I’m originally from Oaxaca and that’s where my career as a wedding photographer started. Currently, I travel back to the city a couple of times every year to photograph weddings and pursue documentary projects -like this one about basketball in Oaxaca.

If you are in search of an inclusive, experienced, creative, responsive photographer for your Oaxaca wedding, you are in the right place. I‘d love to photograph your celebration!

From the stunning ceremony locations to the lively calenda through the streets to all-night receptions under the stars, photographing weddings in Oaxaca is a joyous experience: the perfect combination of light, spontaneity, architecture, tradition, energy, and did I mention great light? 🙂 A photographer’s dream. 

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Oaxaca Wedding Photographers
Oaxaca Wedding Photographers

This is what we normally photograph before and during your big day in Oaxaca:

Engagement session

This is an informal session that can take place months or even just a few days before your wedding. It’s an excellent opportunity to have photographs taken at a location that holds special meaning for you. Some recommended locations include Hierve El Agua, Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, Benito Juárez and Tlacochahuaya.

Engagement Session in Oaxaca City
Engagement session in Oaxaca

Getting Ready 

My team and I will arrive early at the makeup session to take pictures of all the details, including the wedding dress, groom’s suit, rings, shoes, invitations, jewelry, special signs, and anything else you’d like me to photograph. Additionally, I will focus on capturing candid moments of you, your family, and friends as you get ready.

Rhys getting ready in Oaxaca

Individual portrait session

I highly recommend reserving at least half an hour after the preparations to have an intimate portrait session for both the bride and groom. If the immediate family, groomsmen and bridesmaids are also ready, I can organize group and individual portraits with them as well at this time.

First Look

For Oaxacan weddings, I suggest having a first look before the ceremony. This is an important moment that deserves at least 30 minutes of dedicated time.

Family Session

Based on my experience photographing weddings in Oaxaca, I have learned that capturing couple and family photos before the ceremony is crucial. I recommend coordinating with your family members at a location near the ceremony venue, at least an hour before the ceremony, to have a family photo session.

Wedding Ceremony

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of photographing ceremonies in various picturesque locations in Oaxaca, including the Santo Domingo de Guzmán Temple, the Cathedral of Oaxaca, , the Basilica of Our Lady of Solitude, Hotel Azul, Casa Oaxaca, Hotel Quinta Real, La Capilla de la Santa Cruz in Huatulco, Bahia de la Luna, Sierra Norte, and more.

Wedding Ceremony in Santo Domingo Church in Oaxaca
Wedding Ceremony in Santo Domingo Church in Oaxaca

Calenda de Bodas en Oaxaca

One of my favorite traditions during Oaxacan weddings is the vibrant and lively “calenda” that takes place after the ceremony. It is an exhilarating experience to parade through the streets of Oaxaca accompanied by the traditional band, “monos de calenda,” and the fabulous Chinas Oaxaqueñas. My aim during this event is to capture the happiness and energy through my photographs.

Calenda de Bodas en Oaxaca
Calenda de Bodas en Oaxaca (Wedding Parede in Oaxaca)

Wedding Reception

The reception is typically one of the most spontaneous parts of the wedding day. While I will follow the planned itinerary for the main events, such as the first dance, cake cutting, “víbora de la mar,” ribbon and bouquet toss, I will also focus on candidly capturing moments of joy and celebration among your guests and family.

Oaxaca Wedding Reception